Biology of the Isopoda of Michigan

TitleBiology of the Isopoda of Michigan
Publication TypeThesis
Year of Publication1943
AuthorsHatchett SP
DegreeDoctor of Philosophy
Number of Pages190 pp.
UniversityUniversity of Michigan
CityAnn Arbor, MI

1. The objectives of the investigation were to determine which species of isopods occur in Michigan, their distribution within the state, as well as their habitat preferences; to work out as far as possible the salient features of the life histories of four terrestrial species; and to make quantitative analyses of an isopod population in nature with respect to variations in size, sex and other biological phenomena. 2. Field work was begun during the summer of 1938 and continued through August 1942. The summers of this period were spent at the University of Michigan Biological Station, Cheboygan County. During the rest of the year, work was carried on at the campus of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Collecting trips were made into every county of the lower peninsula of the state. 3. Three hundred fifty nine new state records for isopods were established from seventy four of the eighty three counties of Michigan. Isopods were collected from all counties of the lower peninsula and in several localities of the upper peninsula.