Classroom atmosphere: a personal inventory

TitleClassroom atmosphere: a personal inventory
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication1997
AuthorsBlankespoor HD
EditorRoth JK
Book TitleInspiring Teaching
PublisherAnker Publishing Co.
CityBolton, Maine

I feel very strongly that a teacher must continue to evaluate his or her classroom performance to see if the job of teaching can be done better or to find other ways to become more effective. This essay will not deal with the latest theories about learning and teaching. Instead, it will deal informally and personally with my ways of teaching in the classroom and in the laboratory. Although my readers may not be teaching biology, I will try to include practical applications that will apply to any specialty or discipline. My hope is that my readers and their students may benefit from what I present. Finally, understand that the way an individual teaches needs to be molded by interests and style of teaching. I have my style because of the type of person I am and because of my interests and background.