Dragonflies of the Douglas Lake region, Michigan

TitleDragonflies of the Douglas Lake region, Michigan
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication1915
AuthorsEvans AT
EditorRuthven AGrant
Book TitleMiscellaneous Papers on the Zoology of Michigan
Series TitleMichigan Geological and Biological Survey
VolumePublication 20
Pagination3-24 or 39-58
PublisherW. H. Crawford Company
CityLansing, MI

A partial list of the Odonata of the Douglas Lake Region (Cheboygan County, Michigan) was prepared by Miss Abigail O'Brien in 1910. This report includes twenty-three species. An opportunity of listing the Odonata of this region more fully was afforded the writer during the summer of 1914 while at the University of Michigan Biological Station on Douglas Lake. The collections date from July 2 to August 21. During the course of collecting as many individuals of each species were taken as possible. Forty-three species were secured.