Hybrids between Colias eurytheme and C. interior (Pieridae)

TitleHybrids between Colias eurytheme and C. interior (Pieridae)
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1956
AuthorsAe SAlbert
JournalThe Lepidopterists' News

1. One hybrid mating was obtained between a Colias eurytheme orange female raised at Notre Dame, Indiana, and a C. interior male collected in Cheboygan County, Michigan. 2. From the eggs from this female, 46 males and 1 female emreged as imagines. 3. Orange coloration intermediate between the deep orange of C. eurytheme and the yellow of C. interior was observed in the hybrid males. 4. The hybrid larvae entered a non-feeding stage in the third instar under conditions of 75 F, 75% RH, and 10 hours fluorescent light a day. They began to feed again in the hot greenhouse. 5. Presumed females of the hybrids entered a non-feeding stage in the greenhouse also and failed to survive the non-feeding stage (except one female which emerged). 6. The hybrid males were at least partly fertile, and progeny were obtained by backcrossing to C. eurytheme females.