Inland lake protection in northern Michigan

TitleInland lake protection in northern Michigan
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication1975
AuthorsSay E.W, Paddock MW, Gannon JEdward, Foster WL
Pagination40 pp.
InstitutionUniversity of Michigan Biological Station
CityPellston, MI

This booklet is an in-depth ecological look at the area of northern Michigan known as the Inland Water Route region. The lakes, rivers, and wetlands of this area as well as those which are closely related to it encompass 1,461 square miles (3,783 square kilometers), seven counties, and include forty-six major lakes and eighteen rivers and streams. The map on page two illustrates how the watersheds of this region are interwoven. This handbook explores the workings of inland lake ecosystems and the aquatic, terrestrial, and social interrelationships involved. Through a basic understanding of problems lakeland environments may face, concerned citizens can do much to protect and preserve the existing excellent quality of their enviroment.