Larval trematode infections in snails of different sizes

TitleLarval trematode infections in snails of different sizes
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1956
AuthorsJr. A.WMathies, Cort WWalter
JournalJournal of Parasitology

When a species of trematode utilizes snail intermediate hosts of different sizes even casual observations indicate that larger numbers of germinal sacs develop in the larger snails. .....This difference in numbers of daughter rediae may be even greater when a species of trematode infects two or ore species of snail hosts that are considerably different in size. ...During the summer of 1955 we compared the sizes of mature infections of R. ondatrae and two echinostome species, Petasiger nitidis and Echinoparyphium recurvatum in snail intermediates hosts of different sizes. ...It seems evident from the counts of the different infections that there was a definite relation between the size of the snails and the numbers of rediae that developed in them. This is true both in juveniles and adults of the same species and in smails of different species that differ in size.