Long-term patterns of protozoan colonization in Douglas Lake, Michigan

TitleLong-term patterns of protozoan colonization in Douglas Lake, Michigan
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1985
AuthorsPratt JR, Jr. JCairns
JournalJournal of Protozoology

Long-term patterns of noninteractive and interactive protozoan colonization of polyurethane foam (PF) artificial substrates in Douglas Lake, Michigan, were examined for a 14-yr period. Species-time data were fitted to the MacArthur-Wilson equilibrium model, xxxxx, and examined through time from 1969-1982. Comparisons were made to historical water chemistry measurements. No long-term changes in water chemistry were evident. Similarly, equilibrium species number and colonization rate oscillated about a mean through time. Protozoan colonization of PF substrates appeared stable for extended periods and showed modest variation from year to year. Examination of 7-yr-old substrates in 1982 revealed little difference from young (<50 days) substrates. Previous reports of senescence of artificial substrate communities may have been due to habitat loss within the substrates. No evidence existed for chemical of biological degradation of the lake.