Nesting of the Parula Warbler in Michigan

TitleNesting of the Parula Warbler in Michigan
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1951
AuthorsGraber RR, Graber JW
JournalThe Wilson Bulletin

While making a distributional study of the birds of Wilderness State Park in Emmet County, northwestern Lower Michigan, from June 9 to August 5, 1949, we observed the nesting of four pairs of Parula Warblers (Parula americana). This species has long been know to summer in Michigan, but up to 1938 no actual nest has been reported. ... The only Parula Warblers we encountered inhabited the forest-edge of the Point and Sturgeon Bay. We located 15 singing males -- 12 on the north shore of the Point, one on the south side of the Point, and two farther south on Sturgeon Bay. We found 4 occupied and two old nests all in a line along the north side of the Point.