A new species of Vaucheria from northern Michigan

TitleA new species of Vaucheria from northern Michigan
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1937
AuthorsBrown HJean
JournalTransactions of the American Microscopical Society

During the summer of 1934 Dr. George E. Nichols sent to the author for identification a unique form of Vaucheria which he had discovered in the vicinity of the University of Michigan Biological Station, in Cheboygan County. Upon examination the plants proved to represent a heretofore undescribed species, which is herewith described, being named in honor of the collector. The material, in excellent fruiting condition, was collected in late July and early August along the northern shore of Douglas Lake, at Ingleside, where the Vaucheria grew associated with Dichotomosiphon tuberosus (A. Braun) Ernst., forming loose masses on sandy bottom in water about two feet deep, at the mouth of Bessey Creek. The oogonia in their general appearance closely resemble those of V. dichotoma Agardh, but they are smaller in size and the plants are monoecious instead of dioecious. The antheridia resemble in shape those of V. aversa Hassall.