North American Russulas of the subsection Foetentinae

TitleNorth American Russulas of the subsection Foetentinae
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1972
AuthorsShaffer RL

Species of Russula sect. Ingratae subsect. Foetentinae (Agaricales) now reasonably well known from North America are R. amoenolens, R. cerolens sp. nov., R. fragrantissima, R. granulata, R. laurocerasi, R. lilacipes, R. pectinatoides, R. pulverulenta, R. subfoetens, and R. ventricosipes. They are separated primarily on height and pattern of spore ornamentation, spore size, pileus color and ornamentation, taste, odor, and the presence or absence of well-differentiated pseudocystidia in the pileus epicutis. The paper presents a key and descriptions for the ten species.