Northern Michigan snowpack-a study of acid stability and release

TitleNorthern Michigan snowpack-a study of acid stability and release
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1984
AuthorsCadle SH, Dasch JMuhlbaier, Grossnickle NE
JournalAtmospheric Environment

Weekly samples of wet deposition, dry deposition, and the snowpack were collected during the 1981-1982 winter at the University of Michigan Biological Station which is located near Pellston, Michigan. All the major acidic and basic species were determined. Comparison of the cumulative wet deposition acid loading to the snowpack loading as well as an examination of concentration vs. depth profiles showed that all species were stable in the snowpack until the spring thaw period. During the spring thaw, approximately 50% of the acids were contained in the first 20% of the snowmelt. Rainfall during the thaw period deposited as much nitrate and acid and more than double the amount of sulfate as was released from the snowpack. It was also concluded that dry deposition to snow at this location was not significant.