Notes on the birds of the Straits Region, Michigan

TitleNotes on the birds of the Straits Region, Michigan
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1958
AuthorsJr. OSewall Pet
JournalJack Pine Warbler

"The History of Ornithology at the University of Michigan Biological Station," recently published by Nelson (1956), includes an extensively annotated list of birds based on records obtained largely by staff and students during the summers of 1909 through 1946. The area covered embraces northern Emmet and Cheboygan Counties, northern and western Presque Isle County, Bois Blanc Island in Mackinac County, and three islands of the Beaver group (Hat, Shoe, and Grape) in Charlevoix County. With the exception of the islands, the area is south of the Straits of Mackinac on the mainland of Lower Michigan. This paper presents in "annotated-list form" some of the more important bird records obtained, mostly by staff and students, since 1946 (the summers of 1947 through 1957 and the spring of 1954). The area covered is somewhat wider as it embraces the mainland of Mackinac County in Upper Michigan, directly north of the Straits. Several records have come from two places, the Cheboygan Marsh and Green Island.