Pohlia bulbifera - a new record for Michigan

TitlePohlia bulbifera - a new record for Michigan
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1961
AuthorsGriffin, III. DG
JournalThe Bryologist

Pohlia bulbifera (Warnst.) Warnst. is characterized by numerous, yellow, rather solid, obovate, axillary gemmae. While on a field trip to Whitefish Point in Luce County in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in 1960, the author collected this moss on white sand flats along the shore of Lake Superior. Here it occurred with the spermatophytes, Hudsonia tomentosa and Potentilla tridentata, frequently forming a green mat around the bases of the former. Reports of this species from North America are scanty; in Grout's Moss Flora Andrews listed collections only from Nova Scotia, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. Since the Michigan station is an area subjected to the rigors of ice heaving from Lake Superior during the winter and considerable superficial drying during the summer, the persistence there of such a delicate species is indeed remarkable, but perhaps it can be explained in part by the abundant gemmae. No fruiting material was found. Specimens have been deposited in the herbaria of the UMBS and of the U. of Tennessee. Dr. A. J. Sharp made the initial determination which was subsequently confirmed by Dr. A. L. Andrews. The author wishes to express appreciation to both persons for their help.