PROPHET Aerosol and Ozone Data, July 2014


This dataset corresponds to observations at PROPHET in July 2014, as described in Gunsch et al. 2018, Atmospheric Chemistry & Physics.

Long-range aerosol transport affects locations hundreds of kilometers from the point of emission, leading to distant particle sources influencing rural environments that have few major local sources. Source apportionment was 5 conducted using real-time aerosol chemistry measurements made in July 2014 at the forested University of Michigan Biological Station near Pellston, Michigan, a site representative of the remote forested Great Lakes region. Size-resolved chemical composition of individual 0.5–2.0 µm particles was 10 measured using an aerosol time-of-flight mass spectrometer (ATOFMS), and non-refractory aerosol mass less than 1 µm (PM1) was measured with a high-resolution aerosol mass spectrometer (HR-AMS). The field site was influenced by air masses transporting Canadian wildfire emissions and ur15 ban pollution from Milwaukee and Chicago.

Publication Date: 
Wednesday, March 7, 2018