Semiaquatic Hymenoptera in north Michigan lakes

TitleSemiaquatic Hymenoptera in north Michigan lakes
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1939
AuthorsW. Frohne C
JournalTransactions of the American Microscopical Society

Life-history and biological data are presented relating to the following 27 hymenopterous insects of the zone of emergent hydrophytes in north Michigan lakes: 1. Microbracon? auripes (Provancher) 2. Microbracon sp. 3. Microbracon sp. 4. Adelius sp. 5. Macrocentrus sp. 6. Praon sp. 7. Aphaereta sp. 8. Dacnusa sp. 9. Epiurus sp. 10. Tromatobia rufovariata (Cresson) 11. Pseuderipternus sp. 12. Cremastus chilonis Cushman 13. Neostricklandia sericata Viereck 14. Trichocryptus sp. 15. Lygocerus sp. 16. Telenomus sp. 17. Leptacis sp. 18. Alloxysta sp. 19. Eurytoma? sp. 20. Eupteromalus sarcophagae Gahan 21. Habrocytus sp. 22. Chrysocharis sp. 23. Closterocerus trifasciatus Westwood 24. Neoderostenus sp. 25. Euderus sp. 26. Tetrastichus sp. 27. Trichogramma minutum Riley