Species of Hypomyces and Nectria occurring on discomycetes

TitleSpecies of Hypomyces and Nectria occurring on discomycetes
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1985
AuthorsRogerson CT, Samuels GJ

Hypomyces papulasporae (synanamorphs = Papulaspora sp., Sibirina sp.), H. papulasporae var. americanus (synanamorphs = Papulaspora candida, Sibirina clavisedum), H. mycogones (anamorph = Mycogone-like) on Geoglossum spp. and Trichoglossum spp.; Hypomyces stephanomatis (synanamorphs = Stephanoma strigosum, Sibirina sp.) on the operculate discomycete Humaria hemisphaerica; Hypomyces leotiicola (synanamorphs = Sepedonium leotiarum, Sibirina sp.) on Leotia lubrica, and Nectria discophila (anamorph=?Acremonium sp.) on Lachnum spp. are proposed. Nectria albidopilosa and N. discicola, occurring on unidentified, inoperculate Discomycetes, are also described. Hypomyces sepulcralis on soil and possibly on Peziza sp., and Nectria sepultariae, on Sepultaria arenicola, are redescribed. Stephanoma tetracoccum and its Sibirina-like synanamorph, both found on members of the Geoglossaceae, are illustrated and described briefly.