The summer birds of Wilderness State Park, Michigan

TitleThe summer birds of Wilderness State Park, Michigan
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1957
AuthorsJr. OSewall Pet, Graber RR, Graber JW
JournalJack Pine Warbler

This treatise is an inventory of data accumulated by Station personnel combined with a report on an original study made by Richard R. Graber and Jean W. (Mrs. Richard R.) Graber as a requirement for their course work at the Station. For two weeks in 1948 and six weeks in 1949 the junior authors undertook a study of the summer birds of Wilderness Park, paying special attention to relative abundance, ecological distribution, and breeding status. ... The Grabers chose for their study area in the Park a section of about 8 square miles (5,000 acres), extending from Waugoshance Island inland to and including the immediate vicinity of Big Stone Creek (see map). They set up camp in the Park to avoid loss of time in travel between the Park and the Station. During over 400 hours of field work, they explored systematically their entire study area, usually covering a new part each day and made return visits to spots that were especially rewarding. They kep notes on all species encountered, recording dates and numbers of individuals seen, kinds of habitats in which the various species were found, and observations on breeding activities. ...A concerted effort was made to secure substantial evidence of breeding of every species believed to be a permanent or a summer resident in the Park.