Utilization of environmental knowledge on northern Michigan

TitleUtilization of environmental knowledge on northern Michigan
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1977
AuthorsPelz DC
PublisherInstitute for Social Research, University of Michigan
CityAnn Arbor, MI

The present report describes one of four major components of the Northern Michigan Environmental Research Program, sponsored by the National Science Foundation - RANN Program (Research Applied to National Needs). The project has been conducted by the University of Michigan Biological Station on Douglas Lake, Michigan and in Ann Arbor, in cooperation with two divisions of the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research--the Survey Research Center and the Center for Research on Utilization of Scientific Knowledge. Research has focused on the lakes and streams, the land, and the residents of two counties at the northern tip of Michigan's lower peninsula, where the Biological Station is located. To repeat the broadest generalization: environmental decisions will not be much affected if environmental reports are simply disseminated. Rather, many mutually reinforcing channels of communication must be employed, to develop a climate of understanding for needed decisions.