Vertical distribution of lichens on aspens in Michigan

TitleVertical distribution of lichens on aspens in Michigan
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1970
AuthorsHinds HR
JournalThe Bryologist

46 species of lichens were collected along the trunk of ten individuals of Populus grandidentata. Seven species, found in more than 50% of the seventy meter-high quadrats, show well defined patterns of vertical distribution when graphed: Caloplaca cerina (60%), Candelariella vitellina (64%), Parmelia subaurifera (80%), Parmelia sulcata (87%), Physcia adscendens (79%), Physcia stellaris (63%), and Xanthoria polycarpa (61%). Spatial separation of species is well developed in four genera, Bacidia, Cetraria, Physcia, and Rinodina.