Vertical migration of Pontoporeia affinis (Amphipoda) in Lake Michigan

TitleVertical migration of Pontoporeia affinis (Amphipoda) in Lake Michigan
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication1965
AuthorsMarzolf GRichard
Paginationpp. 133-140
InstitutionGreat Lakes Research Division, Institute of Science and Technology, University of Michigan
CityAnn Arbor, MI

The migration of Pontoporeia affinis apparently is initiated by the disappearance of light, and the extent of the migration is modified by the thermal structure of the water column. Observations of the age structure of the migration population, structural modifications of pelagic individuals, and the percentage of the population that migrates give rise to the contention that the migration is not to feed, but possibly has adaptive value in maintaining genetic continuity in otherwise isolated benthic popuations.