A Water Quality Assessment and Management Strategy for Manuka Lake

TitleA Water Quality Assessment and Management Strategy for Manuka Lake
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication1980
AuthorsKashkashian D, Koch B, Levenson B, Schirle LAnn, Zuckerman J
Pagination98 pp.
InstitutionNortheast Michigan Council of Governments

Manuka Lake was selected to be studied by NEMCOG because of the interest shown by lake residents in protecting their resource. It was with that interest in mind that this document was produced. The report is intended to be utilized by the Lake Association and the local units of government in developing management strategies and for molding management decisions. The format of the report itself is designed to bring the reader first through an introduction that covers the basic concepts used in lake management. Users of this report are urged to read the introductory sections in order to gain a better understanding of the ideas, new words, and concepts used throughout the document. Following the introduction is a presentation of important data collected on the lake throughout the summer. The next section covers the results of the shoreline surveys which details, house by house, the management problems or management successes found along the shoreline. This section will be most useful to the Lake Association and individual property owners for identifying the small, and not so small, problems which affect the lake.