A water quality survey of Munro Lake, Michigan

TitleA water quality survey of Munro Lake, Michigan
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication1979
AuthorsFairchild GWinfield, Sell D, al. et
Pagination32 pp.
InstitutionUniversity of Michigan Biological Station
CityPellston, MI

The riparian residents of Munro Lake, Cheboygan County, Michigan have been concerned in recent years with the water quality and sediment build up in their lake. In particular, the Munro Lake Association has begun exploring techniques of preventing the periodic winter kill of fish in the lake, and is considering the possibility of dredging. Lake management measures such as these demand considerable ecological study if they are to achieve the results desired. The limnology class at the University of Michigan Biological Station accordingly conducted a study of the lake during the summer of 1978. The report which follows includes physical, chemical and biological information concerning the present state of Munro Lake, and specifically addresses two questions concerning the lake's possible future: (1) What might be the effects of increased housing development along the lakeshore? (2) What might be the effects of dredging upon water quality in the lake? A major purpose of the report is a thorough documentation of the present condition of the lake, hence the fairly technical nature of much of what is included herein.