Douglas Lake Profiles 1913-2016


South Fishtail Bay, Douglas Lake
9133 Biological Road, Pellston, MI 49769 University of Michigan Biological Station
United States
45° 33' 31.3128" N, 84° 40' 8.0328" W

Physical and chemical properties of water in South Fishtail Bay and the Pells Island Depression in Douglas Lake. Aggregated data is the first file in the list of data sources, with all the original data sheets following.

Core Areas: 
Short name: 
Douglas Lake Profile Master Dataset

Provide an aggregated source of the physical and chemical properties of Douglas Lake in two areas from 1913 to 2016, as well as the original individual datasets collected by the investigators themselves.

Data sources: 
Douglas Lake Aggregate Data 1913-2016
Welch-Eggleton South Fishtail Bay Profiles 1913-1950
Welch-Eggleton Pells Island Profiles 1918-1941
Welch-Eggleton South Fishtail Bay Alkalinity 1921-1950
Miller South Fishtail Bay Profiles 1933-1934
Miller South Fishtail Bay Alkalinity 1933-1934
Tucker South Fishtail Bay Profiles 1948-1951
Tucker South Fishtail Bay Alkalinity 1948-1951
Tucker South Fishtail Bay Nutrient Profiles 1950-1951
Lind South Fishtail Bay Profiles 1970-2011
Lind Pells Island Profiles 1970-2011
RANN South Fishtail Bay Profiles 1972-1975
RANN South Fishtail Bay Alkalinity 1972-1975
RANN South Fishtail Bay Nutrient Profiles 1973-1975
Glover South Fishtail Bay Profiles 1979-1987
Glover South Fishtail Bay Alkalinity 1980-1983
Glover Pells Island Profiles 1982-1987
Recent South Fishtail Bay Profiles 1989-2016