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Michigan opossum distribution


This data set documents the expansion of the distribution of opossums in Michigan. Each row in the data file consists of a specimen record or observation and includes the year and location (latitude/longitude) of the record.

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Michigan opossum distribution
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Michigan opossum distribution

Most records from 1899 through 2000 are based on specimens in museums (records available from Vertnet.org). A few are from my field notes (archived in the Museum of Zoology field note collection). For these records, latitude and longitude were estimated from collection localities with each specimen (more information is available from Vertnet.org). From 2006 through 2008, I recorded road-killed opossums whenever I traveled in Michigan using a Garmin GPS. More information is available in Myers et al. (2009), Global Change Biology 15:1434-1454.


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The data set is based on the amalgamated collection records in Vertnet.org. This collection of records continues to grow as new collections come online. This data set is complete as of June 2017, but anyone using it in the future should check Vertnet for new additions, and I hope, add them to these observations. It would also be good if road-kill records continue to be added.