Current Research

Project Title Investigators Funding agency Years active
Earthworms as a source of mercury in terrestrial food chains National Science Foundation 2019
an investigation on the plasticity of Sarracenia purpurea's prey capture traits NSF 2019
Effects of Climate Change on Species Interactions within the Wood Warbler Family (Parulidae) NSF 2019
Effects of harvesting invasive cattail (Typha x glauca) on methane flux in Great Lakes coastal wetlands 2019
Effects of light availability on terpene concentrations in white pine (P. strobus) in climate change disturbed forests Katelyn Renee Sparks NSF 2019
Climate Change in Great Lakes Forests: Forest Canopy Resistance to Disturbance Parker, Bruce C. 2019
Effects of streamflow on algae abundance and diversity in the Maple River (MI) Claudette Proctor NSF REU 2019
Competition in a changing climate: Effects of temperature on foraging behavior between Orconectes rusticus and Orconectes virilis NSF REU 2019
Will disturbance break the forest carbon sink?: Soil respiration in response to severity and disturbance type 2019
Canopy Gaps, Forest Floor Microclimate, and Succession in Cladonia / Cladina Ground Cover Westmont College 2019
Canopy Gap Closure, Forest Floor Microclimate, and Cladonia / Cladina Distribution & Abundance Westmont College 2019
Control sea lamprey in the Cheboygan River with Sterile Males Michigan Invasive Species Grant Program 2019 to 2020
Performing Vowels in the Note of Blue Faculty, Pratt Institute, Seeking external grant; Initial site research phase: self-funded. 2019 to 2020
Effects of removal of Lake Kathleen Dam Amy Jane Schrank none 2022
Interacting disturbance in forest ecosystems: Does disturbance memory affect resistance and resilience of forest productivity? Robert Timothy Fahey, Christopher Gough, Jeffrey Atkins, Brady S Hardiman 2019
The comparison of environmental changes effects on growth rate of tree species at different latitudes UMBS 2019 to 2020
The maintenance of species diversity in multitrophic communities Postdoc supervisor's start-up funds 2019 to 2022
Ecosystems in Four Dimensions: Measuring Changes to Forest Structure and Function in the Anthropocene Kyla M Dahlin National Science Foundation 2019 to 2020
Geographic Variation in Wood Frogs CWRU Sabbatical Leave Grant 2019
Behavioral responses to and bioindicator potential for PFASs exposure in crayfish species 2019