Current Research

Project Title Investigators Funding agency
Mycoviral Transmission in Nature Jillian Myers
Broadband Radiometry for Snowpack Travel Time Measurement Mohammad Mousavi, Roger Dean De Roo
Effects of climate change-induced temperature variation on pollinator interactions of bumblebees (Bombus spp.) and a threatened dune thistle, (Cirsium pitcheri) Stephanie Facchine
Effect of climate change on Peromyscus leucopus behavior in post fire forests Abigale Bristol, Ben Dantzer
Climate Change and Vocal Communication: Exploring the Relationship between Temperature and Song-Specific Vocal Performance in Pine Warblers (Setophaga pinus) Michael Gene Rowley
The effects of Typha x glauca density on biodiversity, habitat complexity, and water quality of Great Lakes wetlands Amy Schrank, Abigail Blanchard National Science Foundation, Department of Defense
The effect of forest disturbance on terpene concentrations in understory white pine Samantha Joyce Hack
The effects of climate change on Pitcher's thistle and its Bombus pollinators
Chloroform Steven Bertman
Composition and sources of particulate and dissolved matter in stream and groundwater of the Honeysuckle Creek watershed Lucas Nave, Kathryn Hofmeister
Disentangling the functional roles of forest biological and physical structure on carbon storage
Simulating the Effects of Climate Change on Earthworms, Lumbricus terrestris, and the Surrounding Soil. Samuel Joseph Butler
AmeriFlux Tech Team site intercomparions Christoph Vogel
Enhancing Great Lakes Landscapes for Healthy Pollinators Rufus Isaacs, Kelsey K Graham USDA NIFA Food Security Pollinator Program
Establishing a Network of Forest Inventory Plots across U. Michigan Properties to Assess and Inform About Forest Performance Under Global Change Ines Ibanez, Jordon Tourville McIntire-Stennis Cooperative Forestry Research Program-USDA
Subterranean Storage Features Katie Fredrick
Acoustic behavior of the parasitoid fly, Emblemasoma auditrix and its host Okanagana rimosa (Homoptera) Reinhard Lakes-Harlan
Population demography and plant-pollinator interactions of a federally threatened thistle, Cirsium pitcheri Erin Elizabeth Fegley, Claudia Jolls
Robot Manipulation for Unstructured Environments
Monitoring American marten using non-invasive hair snares Jill C Witt