Current Research

Project Title Investigators Funding agency(desc) Years active
The Role of stream characteristics in gregarine parasitism and fitness of dark-winged damselfies
Local adaptations to flow: investigating how flow conditions in streams and lakes influence chemically-mediated search behavior in crayfish Troy Keller 2009
Investigating the impact space of predators 2015
Does ecological immunity underlie plant quality-induced changes in herbivore tolerance to infection and parasite virulence under global change? Mark Hunter 2017
The hierarchical role of various sensory modalities in crayfish contests 2015
Understanding the effects of a pesticide sensitivity of native and invasive prey to the impact space of a predator. Ana Jurcak 2017
Realistic exposure to toxins may show effects beyond standard static exposures Tim Ludington, Paul Moore 2014
The threat of cleaning up the problem: how restored habitats and increasing proportions of invasive crayfish are impacting ecosystem structuring Amanda Browne
Hydrologic Connectivity of Isolated Wetlands Arthur J Gold 2017
Physical characteristics of stimuli within sensory landscapes Ana Jurcak, Paul Moore 2013 to 2014
The effects of macro- and micronutrient availability on the soil invertebrate communities and activity 2015
Effects of grazing on nitrogen cycling within periphyton mats Robert Pillsbury 2009
Forest vegetation regeneration in a 1998 controlled burn in Northern Michigan Barnes, Burton Verne, Gary Fowler 1994 to 1998
Assessing clear cuts for signs of deer and elk browse Joel Heinen 2009
Characterizing forest hydrology using stable water isotopes Phoebe Aron 2017
Diversity of the diatom genus Frustulia John Kociolek, Rex Lowe 2012 to 2014
The effect of different predator hunting modes on prey behavior Ana Jurcak 2014
Soil carbon cycling under the FASET experiment David Meehan 2009
Investigation of ozone production sensitivity to NOx Sebastien Dusanter 2015
Crayfish Ecology and sociobiology 2011 to 2017