Current Research

Project Title Investigators Funding agencysort descending
expert Packers And movers In Noida
Characterizing forest hydrology using stable water isotopes Phoebe Aron
Do the mechanisms of contest assessment differ for male and female crayfish, Orconectes rusticus? Sarah Wofford
Investigation of ozone production sensitivity to NOx Sebastien Dusanter
DIRT - Detritus Input & Removal Treatment Project Knute Nadelhoffer
Measuring atmospheric pollen vertical profiles using lidar Matthew Wozniak, Eric Kort, Allison Steiner
Diversity of the diatom genus Frustulia Pavla Urbankova
Forest vegetation regeneration in a 1998 controlled burn in Northern Michigan Barnes, Burton Verne, Gary Fowler
Interaction of stream flow and benthic organisms David Edwards
Ecological Implications of behavioral syndromes in crayfish
Assessing clear cuts for signs of deer and elk browse Joel Heinen
Evaluating the Successes of Land Trust Conservation: Social and Economic Effects of Incentive-Based Efforts in Northern Michigan Kathryn Braddock
The effects of altered RHP perception of self and opponent on fight dynamics and assessment in crayfish (Orconectes virilis) Sarah Wofford
Phylogeography of Michigan pitcher plants and their microbial communities Maggie Koopman
Supporting Cisco (Coregonus artedi) Restoration in Northeastern Lake Michigan Albany K Jacobson Eckert, April Renee Richards, Jillian Elise Mayer
Soil carbon cycling under the FASET experiment David Meehan
Chemical Characterization of Gas/Aerosol-Phase Organics Jenna Ditto
Investigations of the acoustic behavior of the parasitoid fly Emblemasoma auditrix and its host Okanagana rimosa (Homoptera) Reinhard Lakes-Harlan
Molecular Dispersion from Point and Non-Point Pollution Sources Sara Lahman
Monitoring American marten using non-invasive hair snares Jill C Witt