Current Research

Project Title Investigators Funding agency Years active
Chloroform Steven Bertman 2017
Composition and sources of particulate and dissolved matter in stream and groundwater of the Honeysuckle Creek watershed Lucas Nave, Kathryn Hofmeister 2017
Disentangling the functional roles of forest biological and physical structure on carbon storage Mark Kreider National Science Foundation, Department of Defense 2017
Simulating the Effects of Climate Change on Earthworms, Lumbricus terrestris, and the Surrounding Soil. Samuel Joseph Butler National Science Foundation, Department of Defense 2017
AmeriFlux Tech Team site intercomparions Christoph Vogel Department of Energy 2017
Enhancing Great Lakes Landscapes for Healthy Pollinators Rufus Isaacs, Kelsey K Graham USDA NIFA Food Security Pollinator Program 2017 to 2018
Establishing a Network of Forest Inventory Plots across U. Michigan Properties to Assess and Inform About Forest Performance Under Global Change Ines Ibanez, Jordon Tourville McIntire-Stennis Cooperative Forestry Research Program-USDA 2017
Subterranean Storage Features Katie Fredrick 2017
Acoustic behavior of the parasitoid fly, Emblemasoma auditrix and its host Okanagana rimosa (Homoptera) Reinhard Lakes-Harlan 2017
Population demography and plant-pollinator interactions of a federally threatened thistle, Cirsium pitcheri Erin Elizabeth Fegley, Claudia Jolls US Fish & Wildlife Service, Department of Natural Resources, Great Lakes Restoration Fund 2017
Robot Manipulation for Unstructured Environments 2017
Monitoring American marten using non-invasive hair snares Jill C Witt 2017
Supporting Cisco (Coregonus artedi) Restoration in Northeastern Lake Michigan Albany K Jacobson Eckert, April Renee Richards, Jillian Elise Mayer 2017
Quantifying inter-species differences in root hydraulic properties Liz Agee UMBS Student Research Funding 2017
Furthering Restoration via a New Approach to Invasive Mussel Control Troy Keller, , , Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (US EPA) 2017 to 2018
Characterizing forest hydrology using stable water isotopes Phoebe Aron 2017
Honeysuckle Creek Watershed Study Lucas Nave, Paul Drevnick McIntire-Stennis Capacity Grant, NIFA 2014 to 2016
Hydrologic Connectivity of Isolated Wetlands Arthur J Gold 2017
Understanding the effects of a pesticide sensitivity of native and invasive prey to the impact space of a predator. Ana Jurcak 2017
Does ecological immunity underlie plant quality-induced changes in herbivore tolerance to infection and parasite virulence under global change? Mark Hunter 2017