Current Research

Project Title Investigators Funding agency Years active
Biogeographical patterns of fungal distribution Larissa N. Vasilyeva Russian Foundation for Fundamental Studie 2009
Piping Plover Research Program Francesca Cuthbert Michigan DNR 2011 to 2017
Fine-scale modeling of transpiration and carbon assimilation in forests Gil Bohrer, Valeriy Ivanov NSF #60019617 2009 to 2015
Ambient measurements of total OH reactivity near the forest floor Robert Hansen NSF-IGERT 2009
The Cultural Landscapes of Douglas Lake Archaeological Research Project (CLOD) Meghan Howey NSF 2009 to 2010
Unveiling the migratory route of the Great Lakes Piping Plover Erin Roche
Assessing clear cuts for signs of deer and elk browse Joel Heinen 2009
Local adaptations to flow: investigating how flow conditions in streams and lakes influence chemically-mediated search behavior in crayfish Troy Keller 2009
Soil redox levels in wetland ecosystems Nancy Tuchman NOAA Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant 2009 to 2010
The role of night time chemistry in the sequestration of Nox Kevin McAvey NSF 2009
Plant responses to herbivory Elizabeth Wason NSF-IGERT 2009
Phenology shifts in northern forest ecosystems Kellen Calinger NSF-IGERT 2009
Biogenic Volatile Organic Compounds from Needles of White Pine (Pinus strobus) in Northern Michigan Shino Toma 2009 to 2010
Modelling forest growth, succession, and biogeochemistry to study the effects of disturbances on forest carbon cycling Benjamin Sulman NSF-IGERT 2009
Black carbon and fine root dynamics in forest ecosystems Fernanda Santos, Jeffrey Bird, Knute Nadelhoffer NSF-IGERT 2009 to 2011
Linking Heterogeneity of Above-Ground and Subsurface Processes at the Gap-Canopy Patch Scales to Ecosystem Level Dynamics Valeriy Ivanov, Mahta Moghaddam NSF 2009 to 2012
Plant species release of biogenic volatile organic compounds (BVOC) Celia Faiola NSF-IGERT 2009 to 2010
Combining long-term (> 12 yrs) C cycling measurements and a novel large-scale experimental manipulation with modeling studies Peter Curtis DOE/NICCR 2009 to 2013
Soil carbon cycling under the FASET experiment David Meehan 2009
Forest accelerated succession and productivity Brady Hardiman NSF-IGERT 2009 to 2010