Current Research

Project Title Investigators Funding agency
2017 Burn Chronosequence Addition Knute Nadelhoffer
Aerosol Physicochemical Properties in a Forested Environment Kerri Pratt, Andrew Ault, Katheryn Kolesar University of Michigan Startup Funds
Effects of Stacked GM Corn on the Growth and Chemically Mediated Behaviors of Juvenile Rusty Crayfish, Orconectes rusticus Paul Moore, Eric Hellquist
How does chronic exposure to pharmaceuticals impact crayfish behavior and physiology Paul Moore
Investigating Water Vapor Transport in Disturbed and Undisturbed Sites Richard Fiorella
Predicting impacts of a biocontrol weevil on a federally threatened thistle Claudia Jolls
A temperature-driven shift in soil detritivore community dynamics could hold significant consequences for carbon flux and nutrient cycling in temperate forest ecosystems Shannon Pelini
Direct and indirect effects of predation and warming on herbivory and ecosystem processes Shannon Pelini
Static Ecotoxicology; a Thing of the Past? An Innovative Model of Dynamic Toxic Hotspots in a Stream System Paul Moore UMBS Fellowship
Investigating the impact space of predators Paul Moore
The hierarchical role of various sensory modalities in crayfish contests Paul Moore
The effects of macro- and micronutrient availability on the soil invertebrate communities and activity Paul Moore
Investigation of ozone production sensitivity to NOx Sebastien Dusanter
Towards a Mechanistic Understanding of Land-Atmosphere Interactions of Reactive Oxides of Nitrogen in a Forested Environment Jonathan Raff DOE-Office of Science
Total Peroxy Radicals Philip Stevens NSF
Measurement of Ozone Production Rates at the PROPHET site William Bloss, Leigh Crilley, Louisa Kramer UK NERC
Canopy-scale Nitrogen Oxide Fluxes Jennifer Murphy
Oxygenated VOC Paul Wennberg NSF
Measurements of HOx radical chemistry in a forest environment Philip Stevens National Science Foundation
Top-of-Canopy NOx Measurements in PROPHET 2016 Detlev Helmig, Denise Montzka, Geoffrey Tyndall, Wei Wang, Andrew Weinheimer, John Ortega