Current Research

Project Title Investigators Funding agency Years active
Investigating the impact space of predators 2015
The hierarchical role of various sensory modalities in crayfish contests 2015
The effects of macro- and micronutrient availability on the soil invertebrate communities and activity 2015
Investigation of ozone production sensitivity to NOx Sebastien Dusanter 2015
Towards a Mechanistic Understanding of Land-Atmosphere Interactions of Reactive Oxides of Nitrogen in a Forested Environment Jonathan Raff DOE-Office of Science 2015
Total Peroxy Radicals Philip Stevens NSF 2015
Measurement of Ozone Production Rates at the PROPHET site William Bloss, Leigh Crilley, Louisa Kramer UK NERC 2015
Canopy-scale Nitrogen Oxide Fluxes Jennifer Murphy 2015
Oxygenated VOC Paul Wennberg NSF 2015
Measurements of HOx radical chemistry in a forest environment Philip Stevens National Science Foundation 2014 to 2016
Top-of-Canopy NOx Measurements in PROPHET 2016 Detlev Helmig, Denise Montzka, Geoffrey Tyndall, Wei Wang, Andrew Weinheimer, John Ortega 2015
Stomatal exchange of NOx and ozone, and their ambient levels throughout forest canopy Wei Wang, Detlev Helmig NSF 2015
Evaluating the Successes of Land Trust Conservation: Social and Economic Effects of Incentive-Based Efforts in Northern Michigan Kathryn Braddock 2015
Measurements of VOC concentrations and fluxes at PROPHET by high-resolution TOF-MS Dylan Millet, Hariprasad Alwe 2015
MESONICHE Nyeema Harris 2014 to 2015
Broadband Radiometry for Snowpack Travel Time Measurement Roger De Roo NASA 2014 to 2016
Harvesting Invasive Cattail as a Management Solution at Cheboygan Marsh Matthew Connors, Shane Lishawa, Beth Lawrence 2014 to 2017
Investigating the fungal communities associate with native and invasive Phragmites australis Wesley Bickford 2014
The effect of elevated carbon dioxide and atmospheric nitrogen deposition on constitutive and inducibilty of phenolics Jennifer Douglas NSF-REU 2014
Effect of flow variation, substrate, and presence of predators on drift rates of a lotic mayfly. Zachary Fogel NSF-REU 2014