Current Research

Project Title Investigators Funding agency Years active
Detecting and predicting the invasions of a non-native macrophyte throughout Michigan wetlands 2019
PFAS in northern Michigan surface waters, fish, and deer I have/will be applying for funding through Bowling Green State Univ., the Frey Fdn, the Baiardi Family Fdn, Burt Lake Preservation Assoc., Mullett Area Preservation Soc., and the Michigan Chapter of the North American Lake Mgmt Soc.. 2019
Self-Medication in Crayfish 2019
New Model of Forest Succession at UMBS Kathleen M Bergen USFS McIntire-Stennis 2019 to 2021
Responses of prey animals to odor cues from two predator species across interspecific size gradients 2019
Unraveling the roles of genotype and environment in the expression of plant defense phenotypes Mark Hunter 2019
Mapping and Creation of a Geospatial Decision Support Tool for Great Lakes Beach Hazards Guy Meadows Michigan Office of the Great Lakes 2017 to 2018
Using hair snares to monitor American marten Jill C Witt Jill Witt - Startup Funds 2018
Determining Concentrations of Heavy Metals in American Marten (Martes americana) Tissues Using ICP-OES: Feasibility and Method Development UMBS 2018
Comparison of defense-associated secondary metabolites across varying level of deer herbivory Jill C Witt UM Flint grant (Mott Foundation) to fund summer student research (stipend only) 2018
Modeling Forest Succession at UMBS under Climate Change Scenarios 2018
Assessing Seedling Establishment for the Restoration of Mixed-Hardwood Forests in Former Pine Plantations 2018 to 2019
Single-cell genomics of an invasive harmful alga: a sampling trip to North America: Marian P. and David M. Gates Graduate Student Endowment Fund 2018
Evaluating the effects of forest management on development of canopy structural complexity and light use efficiency Robert Timothy Fahey USDA McIntire-Stennis Formula Fund 2018
EDI Data Curation and Archival Data Fellowship at UMBS Jason Tallant Environmental Data Initiative (EDI), National Science Foundation (NSF) 2018
A Comparison of the Ecology and Successional Trajectories of Lake Michigan and Lake Superior Dune Ecosystems 2018
Forest Resilience Threshold Experiment (FoRTE) Christopher Gough National Science Foundation 2018 to 2021
Using Species Invasion as a Model to Study Bacterial Disturbance Ecology NSF 2017
Changes in the hysteresis between VPD and sap flux velocity as related to local weather in different tree species in northern Michigan Forests Ashley Matheny 2018
The effects of Typha x glauca invasion on wetland birds in the Great Lakes region 2018