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Eric _Moore_MS_BGSU_Metadata_Summer_2016 Terrestrial
Composition and sources of particulate and dissolved matter in stream and groundwater of the Honeysuckle Creek watershed
The effects of climate change on Pitcher's thistle and its Bombus pollinators
Effects of climate change-induced temperature variation on pollinator interactions of bumblebees (Bombus spp.) and a threatened dune thistle, (Cirsium pitcheri)
Disentangling the functional roles of forest biological and physical structure on carbon storage
GCMS Data and Field Notes 2017
Temperature and Song-Specific Vocal Performance in Pine Warblers (Setophaga pinus)
Behavioral and vegetation data for UMBS Burn Plots Population (Animals)
Influence of context on social behavior of cichlids
Great Lakes Coastal Wetlands Population (Plants)
Northern Michigan Rodent Distribution Terrestrial, Population (Animals)
Michigan opossum distribution Population (Animals)
Douglas Lake Profiles 1913-2016 Aquatic
UMBS 2015 LiDAR GIS Data
Taxa of northern Michigan (northern lower and eastern upper peninsulas) Population (Plants), Population (Animals)
State protected environmental areas in the Osborne Preserve GIS Data
Post-logging land use and modifications GIS Data
Roads and trails of UMBS GIS Data
Wildfire outlines GIS Data
50 Year plots and replicates GIS Data
Permanent forestry plots Terrestrial, GIS Data
Earthworm species distributions and soil properties in northern Michigan (Murchie 1954, Crumsey 2008 - 2010) Terrestrial
Historic UMBS vegetation landcover Terrestrial
DIRT 13CO2 isotope analysis Terrestrial
DIRT CO2 effluxes 2004-2014 Terrestrial