50 Year plots and replicates


In 1938, 6 0.1 acre tree census plots were established on the UMBS property. In these "50 Year" plots, all trees were given ID tags, and had DBH censuses conducted at irregular intervals through 2001. In Plot 6, information about shrub count and size was also collected.

Art Cooper (1969-1998) and Mark Roberts (2008) each established several plots designed to replicate 50 Year Plot #2. In these (along with Plot #2), DBH inventories and sapling counts were conducted without respect to tree ID tags. In the Mark Roberts plots and 50 Year Plot 2, species-wise counts of standing dead trees were also conducted.

The included .zip file has a shapefile with the locations of each plot.

This dataset will need to be updated as additional M. Roberts and A. Cooper plot spreadsheets are digitized.