Permanent forestry plots


These long-term plots were first sampled in the 1930's or 1940's. Sampling generally consists of dbh and/or height censuses. Although many trees were given identifier tags when the plot was established, many of those tags have been lost.

Plots fall into several groups:

The BS32 plots, placed in mixed swamp conifers, study growth rates of young trees.

The BS34 plots test the effect of thinning on residual tree growth (A) in mixed hardwoods, with plot B acting as a control.

The BS40 plots (E=.2 acres, F=.45 acres) observe the growth rate of trees in a red pine stand which was pruned in 1940.

The BS42 plots, placed in a red pine-dominated forest, compares the growth of conifers in a 1 acre plot (B) where trees were pruned and competing aspens and birches were cut, with 0.5 acre control plots (A, C) that lie adjacent on B's east and west sides.

The BS46 plot measures the height and DBH of planted red, jack, and scotch pine in a plantation along Greenstar road.

To add: BS40A (hemlock plot, digital but not yet public), BS40B.