Wildfire outlines


Outlines of the wildfires that have been documented on UMBS property, derived from GPS-mapping old firebreak plow lines or by digitizing information from Marilyn Williamson's 1970 landcover map. Little is known about the fire severity. While mapping the fires outlined with plow lines, I only saw any evidence of fire at the site lying close by the maple river, where a few burned pine trunks stood-- these may have been killed by the fire or could have been standing dead at the time. The 1953 fire fell within the long-term aspen bird plot, and a student description from that year tells us that the understory was completely removed (except bracken fern, which quickly reappeared), but trees were unharmed.

Although we are aware that most of the property burned one or more times after the logging era, we have little specific information about that period.

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