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Distribution of three-square bulrush (Schoenoplectus pungens) in Cecil Bay, Michigan.
Nitrogen Flux from Lake Michigan into Terrestrial Dune Ecosystems at Sturgeon Bay
UMBS Research Bibliography
UMBS Research Site Gazetteer
Monthly Evaporation Data
Hyphae biomass at the individual tree and plot level for FASET and Ameriflux
Detailed accounting of Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker sapwell characteristics in FASET and control plots 2012
Prevalence of parasitic infections on several species of snail (Gastropoda)
Aquatic vegetation survey data for Douglas Lake 2012
Mass of zebra mussels attached to freshwater mussels (Unionidae) at sites in Douglas Lake and Larks Lake
Outcomes of dominance trials of two crayfish species in warm and cold water.
Measurements of soil moisture and tree physiological characteristics for three species in a northern hardwood forest 2012
BVOC Composition of White Pine Needles in FASET and Ameriflux
Response of caterpillar larvae to varied nutritional diets
Response of zebra mussel attachment activities at three water temperature regimes
Avian vent fluke and schistosome host records for Kellogg Biological Station
Variation in mycorrhizal root colonization on northern red oaks, white pines, and red maples in an accelerated succession experiment
Overstory and understory leaf nitrogen and carbon content at FASET in 2012
Small Mammal Trapping Surveys at FASET and Controls
Ant abundance in FASET and AmeriFlux in 2012
Pollen core analysis for Cheboygan Marsh
Decadal change in the population extent of invasive Typha spp. at the Cheboygan Marsh
Emissions of volatile organic compounds from Asclepias syriaca in 2010
Damage rates of model caterpillars placed on A. syriaca emitting induced and constitutive levels of VOCs
Decomposer respiration rates and temperature sensitivity in different forest litter layers