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Red Oak (Quercus rubra) Isoprene Emission Rates
Leaf Litter Isotope and Carbon and Nitrogen Measurements of the Michigan Nitrogen Deposition Gradient Site from 1988-2007
Isoprene profile and flux measurements at the PROPHET mixed hardwood forest site in 2000-2003
Glyoxal and formaldehyde measurements at the PROPHET mixed hardwood forest site in 2008 and 2009
Landscape emission rates of monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes, reactive biogenic volatile organic compounds, from a mixed northern hardwood forest
Bird Class Surveys
Temperature acclimation and temperature sensitivity of respiration within forest floor litter of a Pinus resinosa plantation
Ectomycorrhizal fungi temperature acclimation and temperature sensitivity
Canopy leaf gas exchange and chemistry for UMBS Michigan Gradient Site 2006-2007
Trace isotopes in rain, clouds and soil in Northern Michigan 2009
Deer Exclosure Plot (1997) Vegetation Survey from 1997-1999
Deer Exclosure Plot (1995) Vegetation Survey from 1997
Biophysical response of sugar maple and hemlock tree seedlings to elevated CO2 and NO2 levels
Volatile organic compound mass spectrometry measurements over a vertical forest canopy gradients
Isoprene, Methacrolein, and Methyl Vinyl Ketone at the PROPHET Tower in 2008
Tropospheric oxidant measurements from the 2009 CABINEX campaign
Carbon and nitrogen composition of green foliage in northern tree species
Hiking trails of UMBS
Water use efficiency measurements of four vascular plant species
Canopy ozone measurements July and August 2007 for the UMBS Gradient Site
Forest Canopy Ozone, Nitric Oxide, and Nitrogen Oxides Mixing Ratios Summer 2008
Trace Gas Flux through Snowpack
Chronosequence Plots Soil Carbon, Nitrogen, and Bulk Density 1980 and 2009
Total OH (Hydroxyl) Reactivity Measurements for CABINEX 2009 campaign (Indiana University)
2010 Volatile Organic Compounds Measured at FASET and PROPHET Towers