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Deer Exclosure Plot (1997) Vegetation Survey from 1997-1999
Deer Exclosure Plot (1995) Vegetation Survey from 1997
Biophysical response of sugar maple and hemlock tree seedlings to elevated CO2 and NO2 levels
Volatile organic compound mass spectrometry measurements over a vertical forest canopy gradients
Isoprene, Methacrolein, and Methyl Vinyl Ketone at the PROPHET Tower in 2008 Atmospheric
Tropospheric oxidant measurements from the 2009 CABINEX campaign
Carbon and nitrogen composition of green foliage in northern tree species
Hiking trails of UMBS
Water use efficiency measurements of four vascular plant species
Canopy ozone measurements July and August 2007 for the UMBS Gradient Site
Forest Canopy Ozone, Nitric Oxide, and Nitrogen Oxides Mixing Ratios Summer 2008
Trace Gas Flux through Snowpack
Chronosequence Plots Soil Carbon, Nitrogen, and Bulk Density 1980 and 2009
Total OH (Hydroxyl) Reactivity Measurements for CABINEX 2009 campaign (Indiana University)
2010 Volatile Organic Compounds Measured at FASET and PROPHET Towers
Experimental Long-term Growth for Red Pine Plots BS42A, BS42B and BS42C
Fish parasitism survey records from the summer of 2011 for Douglas Lake, MI
Saproxylic beetle composition in the FASET and the Ameriflux plots
Pine warbler territory and observation locations at Douglas Lake and Sugar Island, MI
Phenotypic plasticity of Sarracenia purpurea pitcher color under varying nitrogen levels
Antlion change in mass by substrate size
Experimental measurements on Asclepias syriaca growth and herbivore colonization
Observational measurements on Asclepias syriaca growth and herbivore colonization
Colonization of Asclepias syriaca by knapweed
Experimental data on Asclepias syriaca herbivores and growth in the presence of invasive and native competitors