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Crayfish behavior in response to chemical signals in turbid and clear water
Species Identifications and Counts for Experimental Streams of Differing Drought Frequencies
Antlion percent extraction and handling time
Water chemistry data for experimental, CO2 enriched streams
Chlorophyll-a and Phaeophytin Content of Experimental Streams with Differing Drought Frequencies
Crayfish foraging behavior responses to varying temperatures and dissolved oxygen concentrations in artifical streams
Constitutive and induced defenses and nitrogen and carbon content in soybean leaves under elevated and ambient CO2 levels
Common Merganser foraging and location observations on Douglas Lake
Methane flux rates in natural and experimental wetlands
Crayfish urine release under variable water turbidity treatments
Net rainfall at the UMBS AmeriFlux tower
Measured Total Soil Respiration, Temperature, and Moisture at 7cm and 80cm collars
Leaf water potential of oak and maple trees at the UMBS AmeriFlux tower
Pine Warbler Recordings
Soil moisture levels near individual oak and maple trees at the UMBS AmeriFlux tower
Forest Heterogeneity Affects on Micro-Climate
Water bodies of UMBS
Streams and rivers of UMBS
Earthworm community characteristics at UMBS DIRT plots
Soil carbon and nitrogen characteristics for the DIRT project.
Secchi Depth Readings for Douglas Lake
Light extinction data for Douglas Lake, MI
Douglas Lake Water Profiles 1970 - 2001
Daily Precipitation Records
Plant defense and herbivory responses to elevated CO2 levels