Post-logging land use and modifications

Here's all the information collected so far about major land uses and modifications on UMBS property after the logging era. Data is drawn from personal interviews and UMBS historical records.

  • Label: Year
  • Definition: The year in which the land use or modification occurred.
  • Type: Nominal
  • Missing values: None specified
  • Label: Type
  • Definition: A brief description of the nature of the modification
  • Type: Nominal
  • Missing values: None specified
  • Label: DataSource
  • Definition: The source from which spatial information about the modification was discovered.
  • Type: Code list
  • Codes:
    • Young = Professor L. Young's historic plantation maps. See the resident biologist for the original
    • Williamson = Marilyn Williamson's 1970 land cover map
    • Kyle_imagery = Things I digitized from aerial imagery
    • GPS = Data I collected on the ground with a Garmin 62st
    • Sales = UMBS Timber sale records
    • Albert-Minc = Dennis Albert's map of Colonial Point land cover from the 1980's
    • Pearsall = Pearsall 1995's land cover map
    • Martell = Forester Keith Martell's estimation of a plantation's thinning history before it was owned by UMBS
    • BVK = Interview with Bob Vande Kopple
    • Shackelford = John Shackelford's land cover map of the Osborne Preserve
  • Missing values: None specified
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