Data Management at UMBS

Data Management at UMBS

The University of Michigan Biological Station is committed to helping our researchers successfully meet data management requirements such as those recently outlined by the National Science Foundation. The and the are resources you can cite (and use!) to meet funding agency requirements. If you have questions on this topic please contact our Information Manager for assistance. For starters, the LTER has put together a helpful document outlining how to write a data management plan.

UMBS Data Management Policy


The University of Michigan Biological Station (the Biological Station), founded in 1909, is dedicated to education and research in field biology and related environmental sciences. The history and status of the Biological Station as a leader in these fields creates an obligation to preserve data describing the ecosystems of Northern Michigan while fostering the development of knowledge that contributes to an understanding of local and global environmental problems and solutions. By implementing the practices outlined in this policy, the Biological Station hopes to achieve the following:

  • Ensure the long-term (>20 years) value and viability of data sets collected using Biological Station resources through proper metadata documentation and data archiving.

  • Protect the near-term and long-term intellectual property rights of those who originate data at the Biological Station.

  • Facilitate access to Biological Station-related Data Sets in order to create opportunities for the development of unique research questions and collaborations that will further advance environmental research and education.

UMBS Data Management Plan Template


The University of Michigan Biological Station (UMBS) strives to provide researchers with the tools needed to be successful in their research and educational endeavors.  This document describes the UMBS Information Management System developed for use by researchers to meet funding agency-mandated data management requirements.  This document is written specifically to address NSF data management mandates ( ) but should be useful for complying with requirements outlined by other funding agencies.  Researchers are encouraged to use and adapt the text below when generating data management plans for their research proposals.  

Disclaimer:  It is widely known that federal funding agencies use anti-plagiarism software during the proposal review process.  Verbatim use of the provided text is allowed by the UMBS but may be flagged by a funding agency during the proposal review process.  We highly recommend citing the web-based version of this document, which can be found via

Data Management Plan Template:

1.Types of data, samples, and other materials to be produced in the course of the project.

Additional Resources

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