Formation and multiphase chemistry of organic nitrates

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This project is aimed at understanding the production of organic nitrates from terpene oxidation and their impact on secondary organic aerosol formation and clouds at the PROPHET research site. Organic nitrates significantly affect the concentration of nitrogen oxides, and thus ozone on a global scale. However, measurements of their concentrations in remote environments, especially in the northern U.S., are extremely limited. In addition, whether organic nitrates serve as a sink for nitrogen oxides depends on their fate in the aerosol phase, which is not well quantified, but may impact particle physicochemical properties including size and hygroscopicity. In this work, we will measure the production of low-volatility isoprene- and monoterpene-derived hydroxynitrates, and study the molecular composition of particles below the forest canopy and near clouds. This work will contribute to a broad understanding of the formation and evolution of SOA in forested environments with significant implications for climate and air quality.
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National Science Foundation
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