Amebae in forty-eight hours

TitleAmebae in forty-eight hours
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1966
AuthorsJr. WHYongue
JournalThe American Biological Teacher

In introductory studies of microorganisms few experiences are more rewarding than experiments with amebae. Their relatively slow locomotion and apparent simplicity of form lend them readily to feeding, taxic, reproduction, growth, and other such experiments. However, rare is the teacher who has not known the frustrations involved in scheduling laboratory sessions using them. The methods most often presented in text, source and handbooks on the culture of them are such to discourage all but the more determined teacher, the teacher with considerable planning time, or, one with an unusual source of materials. This short review is presented to indicate the kind of uncertainty, the chance occurrence, and extended time needed in the growing of amebae by established methods. It is not an attempt to review the literature.