Biology of certain aquatic caterpillars (Pyralididae: Nymphula spp.) which feed on Potamogeton

TitleBiology of certain aquatic caterpillars (Pyralididae: Nymphula spp.) which feed on Potamogeton
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1950
AuthorsBerg CO
JournalTransactions of the American Microscopical Society

1. Observations on the biology of four species of Nymphula (Lepidoptera: Pyralididae) reared from Potamogeton in Michigan are presented. 2. Attention is directed to the need for morphological study of Nymphula larvae in order to find reliable characters for distinguishing the various species. 3. Contributions of previous investigators to knowledge of the biology of Nymphula icciusalis Walker are summarized, and points which they presented are corroborated. Original data concerning time of day of oviposition, speed of development of eggs, duration of early larval instarrs, and parasitism are recorded. 4. Food plants, hours of emergence and of oviposition, and seasonal aspects including hibernation of Nymphula badiusalis Walker are reported for the first time. Original descriptions of mating, oviposition, eggs, and egg masses, newly hatched larvae, and a mthod of observing development of pupae are presented. 5. Incubation period, mode of hibernation, and previously unrecorded food plants of Nymphula obscuralis Grote are reported. Activities of mature larvae, preparations for pupation, oviposition, and eggs are described. 6. The previously unknown larva of Nymphula allionealis Walker was found to be a gilled caterpillar which feeds on Potamogeton natans.