Bryophytes from the Upper Falls of the Tahquamenon

TitleBryophytes from the Upper Falls of the Tahquamenon
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1967
AuthorsCrum HA, Miller NG
JournalMichigan Botanist

With improved facilities for crossing the Straits of Mackinac, it has become increasingly common for students from the UMBS to visit many parts of the Upper Peninsula in quest of habitats not represented south of the Straits. In July and August of 1966, in conjunction with class work, we made four brief and hurried visits to one of the loveliest and most popular of such areas, the Upper Falls of the Tahquamenon River in Luce County, Michigan. We collected only in the immediate vicinity of the falls, on dripping sandstone cliffs and in mature beech-maple woods, open fir and hemlock stands on the river bluffs, and white cedar swamp forest at the water's edge. Our collection from this beautiful spot, so greatly appreciated by casual tourists and naturalists alike, includes such a surprising number of interesting species that a brief record seems warranted. Of the 46 species of liverworts and 106 species and two varieties of mosses listed below, all but one (Trematodon ambiguus) were represented in our own collections. Pohlia annotina var. loeskei, a record for the state, is being reported elsewhere in detail.