Colonization of certain aquatic plants on an open shoal

TitleColonization of certain aquatic plants on an open shoal
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1948
AuthorsGates FC

The presence of submerged flats or shoals in Douglas Lake has afforded an opportunity to experiment with plantings of such emergent aquatic plants as Scirpus acutus and Eleocharis macrostachya. Plantings on a stormswept shoal have been uniformly unsuccessful. [Big Shoal] Plantings on a flat with compartive freedom from great storm waves are least succesful when made on the top of the flat. The best establishment has been along the edge. There vegetative reproduction alone during the course of 22 years has seen Scirpus acutus, starting with 3 culms, reach a maximum of over 3000 in 1940, and then with fluctuations dwindling to the present 1544. At the same time Eleocharis macrostachya, starting with about the same number, scarcely increasing for several years, then increased rapidly to more than 7000 culms. This patch is now about 15 by 12.5 meters in size, an increase of over 190 fold in 22 years.