Control sea lamprey in the Cheboygan River with Sterile Males

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The Maple River has been treated with lampricides to kill invasive sea lamprey on a 4-year cycle for nearly 50 years at an average treatment cost of $70,000. The Lake Kathleen Dam historically prevented sea lamprey from spawning in the East and West Branches of the Maple River, but the Lake Kathleen dam was removed fall 2018. Therefore, we propose to assess adult sea lamprey abundance in the West Branch of the Maple River near the University of Michigan's river lab facility during spring 2019 (May-early July). We also will be releasing sterilize male sea lamprey in the lower Maple River as an experimental means of reducing sea lamprey recruitment. Therefore, assessment efforts near the river lab will determine how many sterile and non-sterile sea lamprey are present and if sterile males may be limiting sea lamprey reproduction. Research is being funded by the Great Lakes Fishery Commission and Michigan Invasive Species Grant Program and is being coordinated with Neal Godby (Fish Biologist) with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.
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Michigan Invasive Species Grant Program
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2019 to 2020