Dangers in dividing conservation biology and agroecology

TitleDangers in dividing conservation biology and agroecology
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1997
AuthorsJules ES, Dietsch TV
JournalConservation Biology

With the hope of protecting biodiversity we must consider that one of our primary goals should be to reduce the level of degradation in managed areas, manage them appropriately, all the while entrusting to "nature" as much of the landscape as possible. To do this we need to address agricultural systems in terms of our research questions, funding priorities, and our influence on policy implementation, thus expanding the realm of conservation. Overcoming these challenges is not just a way to improve conservation biology--it is a necessity if we hope to reach our objectives. Without descending the ethical slippery slope concerning "naturalness," we can both encourage improved biodiversity protection on large portions of the managed landscape and at the same time oppose further degradation of remaining pristine areas.