Frederick Kroeber Sparrow (1903-1977)

TitleFrederick Kroeber Sparrow (1903-1977)
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1978
AuthorsPaterson RA

Dr. Frederick K. Sparrow, 74, Professor Emeritus of Botany and Director Emeritus of the Biological Station at the University of Michigan died October 2, 1977, in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He had retired in 1973 after 37 years of service to students and the University. He is survived by his wife, Anna (Nan); two sons, Frederick T. Sparrow, Sr. and George B. Sparrow; and four grandsons. In recognition of his many contributions as teacher, research investigator, and administrator, the University has specified that a laboratory building at the Biological Station will bear his name. Perhaps his greatest tangible contribution to botany and especially to the discipline of mycology is his monographic book "The aquatic Phycomycetes exclusive of the Saprolegniaceae and Pythium" published in 1943. Although Minden had published an account of the lower groups of Phycomycetes in Kryptogamenflora der Mark Brandenburg in 1915, much new knowledge had been gained about these fungi in 28 years and Dr. Sparrow's book became the first comprehensive systematic treatment of the aquatic Phycomycetes.