Hydrellia (Ephydridae) and some other acalyptrate Diptera reared from Potamogeton

TitleHydrellia (Ephydridae) and some other acalyptrate Diptera reared from Potamogeton
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1950
AuthorsBerg CO
JournalAnnals of the Entomological Society of America

1. Biological data on eight species of acalyptrate flies reared from Potamogeton are recorded, and immature stages of seven of them are described and figured. 2. A key is presented to six species of Hydrellia (Ephydridae) which mine in leaves and stems of Potamogeton. 3. Immature stages of Hydrellia ascita, H. bergi, H. caliginosa, H. cruralis, H. luctuosa, and H. pulla are depicted, all except one of them for the first time. 4. Activities of Hydrellia larvae and adults, life cycles, seasonal aspects, and modes of hibernation are discussed in some detail; food plants and parasites are listed. 5. Data are presented on the biology of Notiphila loewi (Ephydridae), larvae and pupae of which live in humous bottoms with respiratory spines inserted in Potamogeton roots; descriptions and figures of immature stages are given. 6. Normal development of a Hydromyza confluens (Cordyluridae) pupa in the silty, humous bottom of a stream with respiratory plates embedded in a Potamogeton root is recorded.